Herr Mühlroth | Geschäftsführer, Mühlroth Deutschland
Temperature monitoring is significant for the transport of pharmaceutical products. The quality of those transports can be proved, by temperature monitoring.

The Euroscan-System is secure and reliable. Customer requests are solved promptly, as availability is secured because of direct communication via phone or email. Euroscan provides a very good quality standard.

Due to the different options to request data in the Euroscan-System, it is at any time secured, that all vehicle data is available for the customer.The Euroscan-System serves as an advertising feature for the acquisition of new customers. It is easy to create documents of transport temperature, which contribute to an efficient documentation.
Vehicle data are recorded with events, alarms and temperatures. A quick analysis is possible, due to oftware based reports. Quality and friendly customer service are among the pros of Euroscan