Duncan Bryce | Managing Director, Freestone Group Australia

Temperature is everything in our business. A few degrees difference means the growth of microbes on the product. In an ever-changing global market, in which the consumers requirements are higher than ever before, you have to know what is happening with your product every moment of the day: this means knowing, checking and monitoring. Euroscan offers us the technology we need to secure our position in a competitive market. With the technology from Euroscan I know the temperature of our products every second of every day – from our own cold store to the lorry that transports the meat to the butchers, restaurants and supermarkets – we can monitor every step in the refrigerated distribution chain. What's more, it is simply a question of efficiency. Drivers can get lost, go to the wrong address or make unauthorised stops along the way – all of which result in the loss of valuable time. Or even worse: they can do things that will make their freight vulnerable to theft. In order to be capable of improving your business processes, you must first understand every aspect of your business. With the Euroscan technology, we can evaluate our processes in a systematic manner while also having the capability to intervene in the refrigerated distribution chain whenever necessary. This reduces our risks and improves our consistency. So you see, Euroscan has fundamentally changed our business processes.

See also video ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIgo8QbD3jo