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Global cold chain solution group, Euroscan, has successfully installed its first on-line temperature monitoring solution in a major fleet transport in China, making it a pioneer in a market potentially bigger than any other in the world.
The history-making installation, using the combined technologies of Euroscan and Carrier Transicold, was for the big Chinese logistics and express delivery company S.F. Express, a market leader in the carriage of pharmaceuticals and medical products in China.
The installation was carried out by the Euroscan Asia Pacific team from Australia, with support from staff from Carrier Transicold China and Isuzu Guangzhou.
The installation team that made cold chain solution history in China

It is believed to be the first time in China that a fully HACCP compliant temperature recording system with paper printout and digital display, plus two way communication between the reefer and the recording device, has been installed in a refrigerated truck. It is regarded as a first stage of an intended roll-out for S.F. Express vehicles carrying temperature critical products.
‘This means Euroscan is now on-line in China, a significant event for the Euroscan Group considering that S.F. Express runs 12,000 vehicles, 15 aircraft and 9,100 service centres in mainland China and other countries,’ said Euroscan Asia Pacific Managing Director Mark Mitchell.
He paid tribute to the installation team in Guangzhou who worked with local technicians to complete the installation of the latest Euroscan MX2 reefer management and tracking module combined with Carrier Transicold’s temperature recording system Datacold 500.

‘Using the combination of Euroscan’s proven technology plus the Carrier Transicold’s advanced reefer recorder we could become the pioneers of HACCP compliant transport in China, supporting the very strict guidelines set down by the Central Government for the carriage of medicines and pharmaceutical products. The Government is taking a critical interest in this first installation, right down to specifications for the correct placement of the air sensors inside the trucks,’ added Mr Mitchell.
These Government specifications, as well as the adoption of the Datacold 500 temperature monitoring system ensured compliance to the internationally adopted HACCP standard for moving cold chain products. 
S.F. Express had sought the expertise of Carrier Transicold China in their search for a world-class temperature monitoring system.
Carrier Transicold is a significant global partner of the Euroscan Group. The two pooled their technologies which will enable the delivery process to use independent temperature monitoring of the cargo area and will allow staff and management to see digital displays of temperatures as well as a print-out on a paper docket at the point of delivery.
The on-line recording mechanism allows for temperature reports and alarms during the whole delivery process to be maintained on file, and called up by email or on remote computer or hand-held devices.