We add that special something
to make you feel more secure

Cargo theft remains a major problem for transport companies and insurers. It costs the sector hundreds of millions of euros per year. Cigarettes, alcohol and electronics are particularly attractive to thieves, but low value goods are also increasingly subject to theft. As a transporter you want to guarantee your customers optimal security. You want to know where your freight is located, whether the driver has made an unplanned stop and if the door is open when it should be closed. You want to be able to intervene when necessary, possibly via a third-party security service. 


Euroscan's integrated system solutions not only provide optimal peace of mind, they also combine the best of security, telematics, and temperature monitoring. Therefore you do not need separate solutions for various types of freight – a single system is all you need to safety transport a load of cigarettes from Northern Europe to Spain and bring back food products on the return trip. 


Recording and monitoring

Euroscan's system solutions provide data recording, storage and analysis capabilities for real-time online monitoring, enabling you to intervene in the event of an alarm. The reliability is high, as it the uptime. We design all our hardware and software ourselves, so there are never any compatibility problems. Because we use standard application programming interfaces (API), our systems are also easy to integrate with your own systems, for quality control or planning for instance. 


Reefer monitoring
In addition to solutions for online monitoring, Euroscan also provides reefer monitoring, systems which not only allow you to follow the freight but also the conditions and performance of the refrigeration system – an attractive solution for reducing you operational expenses. Read more >