Food needs to be fresh and healthy!
Euroscan makes it possible.
Our system will keep the food fresh

When it comes to the transport of food products, quality is the top priority. Whether you transport products for supermarkets, fast food chains or restaurants, the quality of the goods must be guaranteed. You need to be able to show that the products were transported under the agreed conditions. The law demands it, and the customer expects it. 


Euroscan provides total solutions for temperature monitoring to food transporters around the world, whether they drive two hundred kilometres within their own country, a thousand kilometres across Europe, or two thousand across Canada, Australia or the US. Euroscan offers virtually global coverage, distribution and support and provides hardware and software that goes beyond temperature recording and monitoring – our systems help you optimise your business processes.


Recording & printing

Our standalone units are equipped with an integrated printer. The printer uses thermal transfer technology and is therefore both reliable and maintenance-friendly. Upon delivery, you can print a report with the required data on the spot. 


Data analysis

In addition to the stand-alone unit with printer, Euroscan offers systems solutions for sending, saving, archiving, and analysing transport data via Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC). When you choose our solutions, you have the peace of mind of knowing everything has come from a single supplier and is fully integrated. This means: no compatibility problems. Because we use standard application programming interfaces (API), our systems are also easy to integrate with your own systems, for quality control or planning for instance. 


Besides data recording, storage and analysis, our online solutions also give you the capability to perform real-time monitoring. This enables you to know where your freight is located, and under what conditions, every moment of the day. In emergencies you can even choose to intervene via an operator. If the temperature rises, for example, you can have your valuable products taken directly to the closest refrigeration centre. 


Reefer monitoring
With reefer monitoring, you not only follow the freight but also the conditions and performance of the refrigeration system – an attractive solution for reducing you operational expenses. Read more >

It is also possible to interface to the refrigeration system to obtain more information such as:
  • Setpoint (desired temperature as selected on the fridge control panel by the driver)
  • Monitoring of refrigeration equipment alarms (Operational)
  • Defrost cycle (useful to understand brief rises in temperature )
  • Supply and return air temperature (to interpret correct function of the fridge system)
  • Operating Mode
     (Constant or Start-Stop)