Temperature monitoring,
With Euroscan, Visions Come True

Euroscan has grown over twenty years to become one of the most important suppliers of total solutions for data recording and online monitoring in the transport sector. Our fully integrated systems are utilised worldwide for the transport of food and pharmaceutical products as well as secure transports. Of course the services we provide go beyond just monitoring your freight. Our fully integrated systems help you optimise your business processes. 


Worldwide coverage, distribution and support
Euroscan is active practically throughout the world. Euroscan's market expands every year. We are currently selling systems in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Asia. After all, a certain economy of scale is necessary to support continuous innovation. 


Continuous innovation
Euroscan listens to what the customer requires, follows the developments in the market closely and responds accordingly with continuous innovation. Our research & development department creates and improves solutions that ensure our software and hardware are continuously up to date. Years of experience and a series of clever innovations have ensured that our technologies meet the highest standards, are superbly suited for transport and are resistant to shocks, vibrations and humidity. 


A single complete solution

While it is true that Euroscan delivers products and services for various segments of the transport sector (incl. food, pharma, and security), our systems serve as a single complete solution for every need. The modular design allows you to use the same system for both temperature monitoring and security of your freight. Our integrated systems are delivered turnkey-ready: they are ready to use, right out of the box. Finally, Euroscan produces both the hardware and the software, which ensures that you never face compatibility problems. Because we use standard application programming interfaces (API) our systems are also easy to integrate with your own systems, for quality control or planning for instance. 

Important landmarks
  • Founded in the early Nineties
  • 1994
     Introduction of Euroscan 2/4
     temperature recorders
  • 2000
     Launch of RX1/TX1 series
  • 2004
     Presentation of Euroscan X2
     temperature recorders