For us collecting temperature data
is the minimum requirement

The transport of pharmaceutical products is serious business – it can save lives. Strict conditions must be observed during the transport of insulin, blood plasma and medicines. After all, patient safety is at stake. Temperature, humidity and other factors must be closely monitored and recorded. You must be able to show that the specified product storage conditions were maintained throughout the transport period. If there is even the slightest deviation from these conditions, the freight must often be considered unusable. Clearly, then, you want to know exactly where your freight is, and under what conditions, at all times. When you see disaster looming on the horizon you want to be able to intervene, before it is too late. 


Good Distribution Practice

Euroscan's system solutions help you comply with the stringent requirements applicable to the transport of pharmaceutical products, as established in Good Distribution Practice (European Directive 92/25/EEC), whether you handle large-scale or small-scale transport of pharmaceutical products. 


Recording and monitoring

Euroscan's fully integrated system solutions provide data recording, 

storage and analysis capabilities for real-time online monitoring, enabling you to intervene in the event of an alarm. The reliability is high, as it the uptime. We design all our hardware and software ourselves, so there are never any compatibility problems. Because we use standard application programming interfaces (API), our systems are also easy to integrate with your own systems, for quality control or planning for instance. Compliance in accordance with GAMP5 is considered to be of great importance at Euroscan.


Reefer monitoring
In addition to solutions for online monitoring, Euroscan also provides reefer monitoring, systems which not only allow you to follow the freight but also the conditions and performance of the refrigeration system – an attractive solution for reducing you operational expenses. Read more >