Temperature monitoring,

The world today changes phenomenally quickly. This applies to the world of transport too. New laws and regulations. Rising oil prices. Changing market conditions. Euroscan helps customers keep a step ahead of these developments. How? Through continuous innovation and development. 


Driven by innovation

Innovation is the driving force at Euroscan. No fewer than 30% of our employees work in our Research & Development department. Collectively they have decades of experience in senior functions within the automotive and telecom industries. They are specialists driven by the desire to innovate. Bringing such know-how on board enables Euroscan to quickly respond to customers' wishes and needs. 


Moreover, Euroscan maintains intensive contact with builders of trailers, trucks, and refrigeration units and we continuously gain experience with the best practices in various parts of the world. We then translate all this experience into specialised knowledge and new products that benefit our customers. 


Hardware with intelligence

More than ten years ago Euroscan developed its own systems. Since then, our development efforts have continued non-stop. That has resulted in a very low failure ratio for our hardware. What's more, our hardware systems are equipped with an indispensable characteristic: intelligence. 


Conditions during transport can change rapidly. Our intelligent hardware processes various sets of data within seconds and draws conclusions from that data offline, from which causes of problems can be identified immediately. Our intelligent hardware works for various vehicles, various refrigeration units, various air circulation systems and under various conditions.