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Reefer monitoring & Truck data recording

Reefer monitoring

Refrigeration machines are expensive to purchase and maintain. With Reefer monitoring from Euroscan you can make decisions based on the operational costs of your machines. You can monitor fuel consumption, operational hours and other factors online. If you choose to, you can even change your equipment settings remotely. 


Data recording and analysis

With the fully integrated system solutions from Euroscan you can follow the conditions and performance or your refrigeration units via data recording, storage, and analysis. You can have reports compiled, containing both sensor data and maintenance info, which will be sent at pre-established intervals. This enables you to optimise operation and maintenance. 


Online monitoring

Besides data recording, storage, and analysis, our online solutions also give you the capability to perform real-time monitoring. This enables you to know where your freight is located, and under what conditions.

 The reliability is high, as it the uptime. This means the system is also ideal for transport over long distances and unattended transport via the railways. 


A single complete system 

Euroscan's integrated complete system for reefer monitoring can easily be combined with our systems for temperature monitoring and security. We design all our hardware and software ourselves, so there are never any compatibility problems. Because we use standard application programming interfaces (API), our systems are also easy to integrate with your own systems, for quality control or planning for instance. 



Truck data recording

Euroscan can also provide a complete solution when it comes to the installation of truck data recording systems. We do this in collaboration with local partners who provide the hardware. Euroscan's experienced installers fit this hardware in your trucks and link it to the Euroscan software system. The result is a single, integrated system in which all available data is presented via a single user interface


The installation of truck data recording systems is always custom work. Euroscan has experience with many different systems and many kinds of trucks. 


Should you ever experience a problem with the system, Euroscan has a 24-hour hotline that will immediately connect you to one of our specialists.